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How to Buy

$5 per album through Venmo:


I'll send you the album(s) of your choosing AND you’ll get the finished, studio-recorded version when it becomes available for no additional cost. 

Upon payment, please include: 

  • your email 

  • the name of the album(s) you’d like to receive 


Don’t have Venmo?  Have questions?  Email me at

Young Man's Soul (2019)

Written using mostly looping technology and soundscape lyric, this album explores the question: how do we assess the value of a life? 

Elegy (2019)

A concept (aka story-driven) album. An intricately composed score to tell a creepy story about obsession and possession under the guise of romance. 

You, Me and the Earthquake (2014)

The very first, this demo was released in 2014 (a simpler time). Featuring mellow piano, intricate lyrics, and some thoughts about love. After listening, be sure to ask Matt about potatoes. 

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